Download Vidmate Old Version

Vidmate Old VersionOlder versions of applications are needed when your phone’s operating system can’t get any more updates from the developers. This happens because the hardware of the old phone is not compatible with the newer versions. This happens a lot with Android devices. If you have an older version of the Android operating system and you want to install Vidmate, it becomes pretty hard as most of the sites will provide you only the latest version of this app. This article will lead you to download Vidmate old version, in fact, all versions of this fantastic application. Read on to know more.

How to download Vidmate old version?

You do not need to know rocket science or be an absolute hacker to download older versions of Vidmate or any other application. You only need to know which of the sites do offer older versions because some of them show that they have these versions when they do not have it. The websites link given on this article are secure and you can use them blindly to download your preferred version. Follow these simple steps to download any version of Vidmate over your smart-phone.

  • Open up your preferred browser and click on the below button.

Download VidMate

  • You will find a list of application versions.
  • Select the version you want particularly for your device and click on install.
  • This should present you with a popup menu that will ask you to choose an appropriate folder for the application to be downloaded. (only in some Android versions)
  • After choosing where to keep the download, proceed to download and wait.
  • The installation¬†will happen on its own.

Vidmate is a third party application and is not available on the Google Play store. You will have to allow your phone to grant access to third-party files manually before proceeding with the above steps. This can be done by navigating to the settings app on your phone.