Vidmate iPhone

Vidmate iPhoneThe internet can be a very tricky place if you do not know what you are looking for. It does play host to a lot of useful stuff but you have to know about the cause and effect of such things. One ought to have some knowledge about what they’re getting into before going in. Vidmate iPhone is a hoax. There is no way to run this application on your iPhone. So, if there are sites that lead you to believe that they have the application running on iPhones, we advise you to steer clear of such sites. But that does not mean that you cannot ever download videos on iPhones. We are here to provide you with alternatives so that even you could download and watch videos.

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Alternate ways to download videos on iPhone without Vidmate iPhone

Here we will list you some other methods to download videos over your iPhone. Read all of these carefully and select which one of these would you prefer. Let us get started with the most straightforward method.

Method 1 РUsing Browser and file manager for documents app

All you have to do is download a simple application and use that to download videos. First, open up the video on your safari browser and copy the video URL. Open your Appstore and browse for “Browser and file manager for Documents” app and download this. After downloading the application, launch it and paste the URL here. Select the download quality and long press the download button. Then from the pop-up menu choose to download. That’s it, the videos will get downloaded on your camera roll. The download is possible only on some sites.

Method 2 – Using Offline app

This is another simple application available for free over the App store. Download the application and launch it. You will find a list of websites including Youtube from where it would download videos. Choose the preferred website and find the video you were looking to download from this website. Alternatively, copy-paste the URL of videos fro Safari browser over the Offline app browser and play the video. When you hit play download option will be made available, click on it and you are good to go.

You can choose any of these two methods instead of using Vidmate. These applications also provide you videos from same websites as Vidmate so you won’t have any problem.